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Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
The Company has 16 advanced production lines and 9 advanced forging lines, as well as precise and complete test lines, composed of machining centers, laser-beam cutter, connecting rod expansion-breaking machine, digital control lathe, milling machine, boring machine, grinding machine and other processing equipmen. The annual production ability of connecting rods is up to 7.5 million pieces.There are complete production field "5S" management system and field inspection network. The strict field control forms a scientific and standard production control system and field product inspection system, realizes the effective control on each process and product quality, and can ensure that the yearly capacity is up to 500 million Yuan.

Comprehensive Quality Control
The Company is a city level technical center and provincial level qualified measurement enterprise, having material chemical elements analyser, universal material testing machine, impact tester, metallurgical analyser, altimeter, roughometer, three - coordinates measuring instrument, roundness tester, spectrumfull elements analyser  and other precise inspection equipment. The professional inspecters, and effectively and deeply operated complete inspection flow and ISO / TSl6949:2009 quality control system can guarantee the controllability of the product production process and product quality for high-grade products.

Graceful Factory Environment
The Company is located at Changzhou-- a typical Jiangnan city with picturesque scenery. Covering an area of 160,000 square meters, including the green area of nearly 30000 square meters, the Company is really a garden type factory. The factory environment is graceful and elegant. The foot bridges, pavilions, sheds, green trees are everywhere, full of floral scent in all seasons. The Company has complete employee recreation and entertainment places and facilities. The graceful and comfortable factory environment is not only a guarantee on the sparetime cultural activities of the employees, but also provides a favorable production condition for high quality products.

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