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Company's Concept
Meeting the customers demand in automobile field is the company's target for aiming. Working hard and doing every bit to perfect the company is every employee's responsibility. Innovation, Responsible, Unite are key elements for the company to develop. Behave according to its regulations is the company's way of handling matters.
Every emplyee is talent, Try to put erery employee in the right position in order to maker full use of his advantages.
Respect the humanity and abide by the regulations set by the company during the management process.
Guide the production by science and technology, improve production by technology, Manage the production by regulations.
It is the professionals and lates management that make the products qualified.
Take customers as its top priority, believe products come after the credits.

Enterprise Strategy
Product Strategy
One choice, choice single cylinder connecting rod market; Two ensure, ensure more cylinders engine connecting rod market; Three contest, contest Auto connecting rod market.
Technical Improve Strategy
One recruit, recruit not enough; Two promote, promote standard; Three advanced, advanced technical machine.
Quality Strategy
One contest, contest first; Two found, found famous brand; Three pursue, pursue international lever.
Continuous Development "Four New"

Management innovation, Equipment more new, Produce technical reform, Quality establish new.

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